The Silence Part II

Later, she found herself on a bench in the crowded city. As the people passed her by, she listened to them. So many of them had to tell nice stories and told they would miss their friends. Laura sat there and thought about her own stories. One time, when she was a child, she and her best friend were playing in the park, when they suddenly kicked a ball that hit a young man. They both ran away as fast as they could. Afterwards, they both laughed and couldn’t stop. Another time, they made jokes about their teacher, when they realised he was standing right behind them, they too laughed and even when they went to detention, they were still laughing.

Laura realised now, that when you’re getting older, you can’t do such things anymore. You always have to be serious and do the right things… Things like Coffee or sleep, which you wouldn’t like as a child are now the one things that you need and miss the most. The older you get, the more you think about what happened and you start to see yourself through those eyes you had when you once were a child.