Storytime: Nightmoves

"Movies and News on television. Sometimes it's hard hart to tell the differences. When real life's more fucked up than fiction."

She stands in the darkness, The only light in the streets come from the lantern on the streets. Alone, with Camera she walks through the city. Some People pass by, but none of them seems to have the courage to speak with her. The cold wind and the wet streets make her feel like she's all alone and cold. How could such a Beauty like her come to thoughts like these? What could have happened to her young soul that makes her feel like this. Was it a man? her family?

As she walked down the dark streets, she suddenly starte to laugh and all her darker thoughts seemed to dissapear. One glance later, it was the same again. With her deep thoughts and this pain inside, she Walked around the corner and entered a small diner, where she ordered something to eat. She sat down, took off her Jacket and waited. She looked at her Phone, but there was no message or even a call for her. Sad and with tears in her eyes, she placed it in front of her and prayed for a small message. Just someone who would think about her or was wondering what she was doing.