Storytime: Beauty

"So sweet, so beautiful. Everyday like a queen on her throne"

The last time he saw her face, was for a kind moment in the train. She sat in front of him with her headphones on, smiling to the music she was listening to. It seemed, that nothing could worry her and she didn't feel the weight of the world on her shoulders. Her beautiful smile, the light in her eyes and the way she looked, everything looked so perfect to him. How could such a pretty woman live in this dark world, full of terror and pain? He never saw something like that. "Is she an angel?" he asked himself. 

He was afraid of speaking with her. How could such a beautiful woman like she was talk with a loser like him? But if he didn't take this chance, he would surely regret it for a long time. Just as he wanted to talk to her, she stood up, smiled at him and walked out of the train.

And he? he couldn't believe it. He missed his chance, perhaps they would meet again but then it could already be too late...